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A Leader in harnessing the earth’s natural energy

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We are at the forefront of the energy revolution

EDEN Generation are a group of renewable energy experts who have been hand picked for their experience and knowledge in the renewable energy market over the past decade.

Our level of operations ranges from in depth technical expertise to proven reliable quality installation experience. 


Our bespoke service is available on domestic and SME’s to large scale commercial and utility projects. Our holistic approach allows our experts to provide the customer with an individually tailored solution to meet their energy needs. Our portfolio of clients have benefited from Return on investments figures of over 25% and lower payback periods than the industry has ever seen.

Our team strategy is to deliver to the client a fully integrated service. We become part of the organization sharing its core beliefs and values.

Our installation service is always based on a zero disruption to operations basis. Our duration on site in a working environment is integrated seamlessly by liaising in every way with the managers of the business along the critical path. We have a wealth of experience in also engaging the workforce in educating them to their new technology which we are installing. This normally results in the whole company being proud of the green energy credentials they are working towards.

Our technical engineers utilize all the years of experience with blue chip companies and incorporates all the latest technologies and advances in the market. We follow a careful analytical approach to designing our systems to provide the maximum efficiency and greatest generation whilst ensuring the most cost effective solution.

Why Choose Us

Experienced Designs Team

Leading by example, our design team have designed over a Gigawatt of solar systems with successful integration

Flexibility and Scalability

Our bespoke services are tailored to meet any size projects from domestic and SME’s to large scale commercial

Excellent ROI
& Business Model

Our designs produce excellent

Return On Investments of 

over 25% with lower payback periods than the industry has ever seen.

Built for the present and the future

We design robust solutions that are flexible and stand up to anticipated changes in regulation and technology





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Our Services Include

Let's Discuss 
Your Solar Project

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